Earthbound Brands Joins as Brand Partner

Earthbound Brands Joins as Brand Partner


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Earthbound are behind a number of highly successful global brands, including DUPONT KEVLAR®

Earthbound Brands have joined Penrhos Bio as an investor, and also as our Brand Partner; 

Earthbound Brands bring a wealth of experience and brand building capability to Penrhos Bio. Based in New York, Earthbound were founded in 2000 and are behind brands such as DUPONT KEVLAR®. They are brand partners for Walmart and have recently been appointed as brand partner for Hallmark to spearhead a products expansion programme. With over 120 employees in their New York office, they offer global reach, as well as practical commercial experience and expertise. This spans a wide range of markets, and through their ‘Under the Canopy’ range, includes textiles, one of our five commercial application areas. 

We are extremely excited to be working with the team at Earthbound, and look forward building a brand around our new technology that is truly able to express the unique and beneficial values of this ground breaking approach to controlling harmful Biofilms in multiple sectors.

Demonstrating their belief and confidence in Penrhos Bio, Earthbound, (through Flatiron Technologies), are investors in Penrhos Bio.

Penrhos Bio Launch Series A raise

Penrhos Bio is currently undertaking a Series A investment raise. This investment will accelerate our regulatory roadmap for the Remora™ technology and unlocks a number of higher value markets such as marine fouling and human healthcare…

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