Penrhos Bio: Winners in the prestigious Scotland Life Sciences Achievements Awards 2024!

Penrhos Bio: Winners in the prestigious Scotland Life Sciences Achievements Awards 2024!


Unilever and Innova Partnerships one step closer to
self-cleaning surfaces

We are very proud that Penrhos Bio has been announced the winner in the prestigious Scotland Life Sciences Achievements Awards 2024 in the Innovative Collaboration Category. This reflects the highly successful partnership between Unilever, Penrhos and Pro3dure which has resulted in the new MSI technology (Multi Species Inhibition) for preventing harmful biofilms in 3d printed dental and audiology devices.

This is a three-way collaboration led by Penrhos Bio, with the R&D team in Unilever and our German partner Pro3dure. Pro3dure are word-leading as technical innovators in 3d printing for dental, audiology and medical fields. Combining their expertise with the passion to innovate, we have been able to collaborate with Pro3dure and Unilever to bring two new game-changing products to market in 2023 one a dental and one a hearing aid product. These will be forerunners of many more products to come incorporating the Remora technology and improving human health. Penrhos Bio works with world leading innovators in our key markets of which Pro3dure is a great example.

Mark Cook, Chair of the ILG expressed excitement about the outstanding quality of this year’s finalists, stating;
“Scotland’s Life Sciences Awards are a testament to the remarkable talent and innovation present in Scotland. The finalists have demonstrated exceptional dedication to their work, have redefined what is possible in our life sciences sector, and we are thrilled to acknowledge and celebrate their achievements at the Awards in March.”

Penrhos Bio Launch Series A raise

Penrhos Bio is currently undertaking a Series A investment raise. This investment will accelerate our regulatory roadmap for the Remora™ technology and unlocks a number of higher value markets such as marine fouling and human healthcare…

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