Penrhos Bio raise £1m Seed funding 

Penrhos Bio raise £1m Seed funding 


Unilever and Innova Partnerships one step closer to
self-cleaning surfaces

Eos advisory join Penrhos Bio as Lead investors

Penrhos Bio raise £1m Seed funding to accelerate development of the Remora™️ technology, and is joined as an investment partner by Eos Advisory.

Penrhos Bio has secured the second tranche of its £1m Seed funding round, and is pleased to welcome Eos Advisory as investment partners. This investment, including the first tranche in 2021, takes the business through to its Series A raise in 2023, and accelerates our business development pipeline.

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Penrhos Bio Launch Series A raise

Penrhos Bio is currently undertaking a Series A investment raise. This investment will accelerate our regulatory roadmap for the Remora™ technology and unlocks a number of higher value markets such as marine fouling and human healthcare…

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Remora™ Brand Launched

Thanks to our Partners in Earthbound Brands, Remora™ becomes our brand name, logo and the face of Penrhos Bio. Supported by the ‘Cleaner by Nature’ tagline, the new Remora name will flow though onto products in our customers hands…

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