Penrhos Bio signs license for 3D printed hearing aids

Penrhos Bio signs license for 3D printed hearing aids


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Building on early success in the field of dental implants, Penrhos Bio has extended our presence in the medical device market with a first license in audiology, for 3D printed hearing aids.

With the huge technological and material advances in 3D printing, it is now possible to produce comfortable custom hearing aids quickly and cost-effectively. The market is growing and although estimates of 3D printed hearing aids in use were 10 million in 2021, this is expanding rapidly with clear benefits to the customer based on new innovations.

The Remora technology compliments these advances by helping keep the device hygienically clean. Our partners in Pro3dure Medical have world leading expertise in the 3D printing of medical devices and Penrhos Bio are therefore pleased to announce that we have signed a further licence with Pro3dure to incorporate our Remora technology in their novel resins for hearing aids.

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