Remora™ Brand Launched

Remora™ Brand Launched


Unilever and Innova Partnerships one step closer to
self-cleaning surfaces

Earthbound are our brand partners, and are behind our new branding

Brand Launch 

Thanks to our Partners in Earthbound Brands, Remora™ becomes our brand name, logo and the face of Penrhos Bio. Supported by the Cleaner by Nature tagline, the new Remora name will flow through onto products in our customers hands. Distinct and clean, the Remora name and logo will help build the recognition of the technology across multiple and diverse markets from consumer goods to healthcare. The name Remora will become a mark of quality and confidence for our customers and end users alike. In controlling harmful biofilms, ‘Remora™ inside’ will drive customer choice.

The development of the name, logo and brand collaterals reflect the origins of how our technology was inspired by the natural biology of the oceans:

The Remora fish live in harmony with larger sea creatures such as turtles, manta rays and sharks, to name a few. The Remora fish hitch a ride and act as cleaners, gently keeping their host’s surfaces clean of harmful bacteria and algae, (as surface biofilms), whilst doing no harm. Nature is our inspiration, and the Remora name encapsulates that vision of a new generation of more natural and bioinspired solutions for a world free of harmful biofilms. We learn from, and work with, nature, to address this serious global challenge.

The ‘O’ of the Remora logo represents the ring of protection, and the colours of that O have a broader palate to reflect and identify the different divisions within our business model. 

We will build our Brand in both B2B and B2C sectors, with our first brand launch in Q2 2023.

We aim to be the leading Brand in sustainable anti-biofilm technology, the Remora™ logo becoming a Trustmark in the field.


Penrhos Bio Launch Series A raise

Penrhos Bio is currently undertaking a Series A investment raise. This investment will accelerate our regulatory roadmap for the Remora™ technology and unlocks a number of higher value markets such as marine fouling and human healthcare…

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