Our Brand is RemoraTM, a reflection of how our technology is inspired by the natural biology of the Oceans.

The Remora fish is one of life’s natural wonders, and in many ways one of its mysteries. They are the fish that live in harmony with larger sea creatures such as turtles, manta rays and sharks to name a few. The Remora fish hitch a ride and act as cleaners. They gently keep their host’s surfaces clean of harmful bacteria and algae (as surface biofilms), as well as parasites that have attached to them. This ‘mutualistic’ relationship is critical to the large, slow-moving, marine animals. The Remora fish do no harm, and by helping keep their host healthy and free of biofilms, are low maintenance and welcome passengers.

Although Remora fish are relatively common in global oceans, they are still one of nature’s mysteries, with little known about their social behaviour, or even their lifespan. As they live in such close harmony with their hosts, they are difficult to study alone. What is known is that, as their hosts such as turtles and sharks become endangered, this raises concerns for the Remora populations. This is another reason why we are proud to be in partnership with Unilever, who have a clear vision and strategy under their Clean Future initiative https://www.unilever.com/brands/home-care/clean-future/

We are also working closely with partners in the marine sector towards a more sustainable way of blocking harmful biofilms through our bioinspired technology.

We will build our Brand in both B2B and B2C sectors, with our first brand launch in Q2 2023.

We aim to be the leading Brand in sustainable anti-biofilm technology, the RemoraTM logo becoming a Trustmark in the field.

REMORATM - Cleaner By Nature