Resources & Facilities

Our worldwide exclusive Head Licence with Unilever gives Penrhos Bio freedom to operate and utilise the extensive patent library for the molecule, (26 patent families), built by Unilever over the past 12 years.

Our Service Level Agreement with Unilever also gives Penrhos access to technical support based at the Materials Innovation Factory, as well as to the cutting-edge equipment and facilities at that site. These include world class robotics and automated testing equipment for anti-biofilm technology and state of the art automation of microbiology that gives Penrhos Bio and its commercial partners competitive advantage through accelerated R&D and especially product development, including post TRL6 testing. 

Penrhos Bio also benefits from a network of ongoing research for the technology, co-funded by Unilever and organisations such as NBIC, of which Penrhos Bio is a member. Research in based in several UK Universities and research centres such as PML and supported by 10 PhD students.