Leading Key Opinion Leader Partners with Penrhos Bio in the Dental Field

Leading Key Opinion Leader Partners with Penrhos Bio in the Dental Field


Unilever and Innova Partnerships one step closer to
self-cleaning surfaces

Dr Gary Jernberg D.D.S., M.S.D.Dental key opinion leader.

Dr Gary Jernberg Dental Key Opinion Leader and founder of Jernberg Technology

First Dental Licence Signed by Penrhos Bio

Dental plaque is an example of a typical biofilm composed of a complex microbial community. Plaque is the contributing agent for major dental diseases such as dental caries and periodontal disease. 

Penrhos Bio, in partnership with Unilever, has demonstrated in vitro that the lactam technology has potential to address dental biofilm challenges.

Penrhos Bio and Jernberg Biotechnology have signed a sub-licence to the patented lactam technology portfolio.  This sub-licence, for dental applications, will allow Jernberg Biotechnology to work with companies in the dental space to commercialise the technology for their own product applications.

Jernberg Biotechnology is led by Dr Gary Jernberg, a highly experienced dentist and periodontist.  Gary is a prolific inventor and holder of numerous US patents in dentistry and medicine.

Dr Jernberg said: “Biofilm inhibition with the novel technology developed by Penrhos Bio results in cleaner and healthier dental products and appliances which assist in maintaining oral health and stability.”

Gary will work closely with the Penrhos Bio team to identify suitable sub-licencees in the dental field, bringing his extensive dental and business experience to bear throughout the journey from joint development programme, through to licences with our commercial partners.

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