Unilever and Innova Partnerships launch Penrhos Bio

Unilever and Innova Partnerships launch Penrhos Bio


Unilever and Innova Partnerships one step closer to
self-cleaning surfaces

Unilever and Innova Partnerships have jointly launched a biotechnology company, Penrhos Bio, to commercialise a technology that means self-cleaning surfaces could become a reality.

“This is such an exciting and innovative space,” acknowledges Dr Steve Howell, founder of Innova Partnerships.

The technology is set to go into consumer trials of Unilever cleaning products later this year, with the aim of making it available shortly afterwards – but not just for Unilever brands. “We recognise what this technology can represent at scale for many sectors outside Unilever’s portfolio,” says Jon. “We believe we have a responsibility to share it.”

Penrhos Bio Launch Series A raise

Penrhos Bio is currently undertaking a Series A investment raise. This investment will accelerate our regulatory roadmap for the Remora™ technology and unlocks a number of higher value markets such as marine fouling and human healthcare…

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